Virtue Clock 66 - FPS & BPS Chronograph

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Shipping ETA August 2nd, 2022

The Clock 66 is the next generation paintball chronograph with a major reliability and performance upgrade. The Clock has become the industry standard for over a decade. Fields, leagues, teams, or players can depend on the Clock 66 to get fast accurate velocity (feet per second), rate of fire (balls per second), as well as key performance data, such as peak bps, peak fps, average fps, and standard deviation of a string to measure the consistency of your marker/paint setup.  Plus, the Clock can broadcast prolonged streams of paint for detailed shot consistency readings over bluetooth to most mobile devices using the Virtue Paintball + App (Apple & Android).

Weather Protected

Designed to meet the IP66 level of waterproofing protection.

Increased Reliability

Redesigned electronics, hardware, and injection molded components.

More Accurate

Faster processor and improved radar antenna ensures accurate results.

Better Battery

Uses two CR123A lithium ion batteries (not included), which are more reliable, last longer, lighter, and wont leak.

Superior Data Fields

Fast, easy display of FPS, BPS, Peak FPS, Peak BPS, Average FPS, Game & Break Timer, +/- Consistency.

Bluetooth Broadcasting

Instant broadcasting of long strings of paint, to collect detailed information on shootdown and marker performance. No sync required, simply download the app and start shooting.

Trigger Programming

Easy trigger programming to set game timer, break timer, countdown/up options, standby time, FPS alarm limit, BPS alarm limit, minimum fps detection, sound alerts, demo mode, Bluetooth broadcast, tripod mode, custom name, firmware update, and view battery level. 

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable handheld shape, featuring a lanyard mount, tripod mount, and rail mount for a variety of mounting options.

What’s New?

  • Upgraded electronic components
  • Upgraded dual PCB with removable display
  • New trigger with microswitch activation
  • Water and weatherproof electronics enclosure
  • Uses two CR123A batteries
  • No battery harness
  • Water and weather proof battery compartment
  • New injection molded glass filed nylon enclosures, with superior grip texture

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