Custom - Pit Crew Package

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Products included:

  • Custom Pod Bag
  • Custom Team Banner (5x2ft)
  • Additional Virtue or BK Banner (5x2ft)

All Products are fully customized to your team design. This package can only be ordered as an addition to another custom package.

Order Process Header

1. Order
Add the total amount of jerseys and/or custom products you will be ordering to the cart.Download and fill out the order sheet (excel file download) with all necessary information, like sizes, names, numbers and overall quantity.
Send the spreadsheet to your Virtue or BK sales rep, along with any logos or files you would like to have incorporated in the design; Or send all files to:

2. Design
Our professional design team will email you, to coordinate the next steps. If you choose the free design option, we will design the jersey for your team into our template using your logos and graphics, and general color guidance. The first draft takes roughly 5 business days.Additional rounds of design will only include basic error checking and color tweaking.
For a more in depth service, check out the design options on the bottom of this page.

3. Production
After you approved the final design and error checked the overview for the complete roster, the design files will be sent to print.
Here the full order will be printed and then sublimated. The fabrics then move to tailoring, where the templates will be cut and sewn together.
Processing time takes ~2 weeks after your final design approval. During peak season delays may be possible.

4. Ship
After the production process is completed, we quality check each piece individual. The whole order then gets packed up and delivered to your desired address. Shipping may take up to 1 week, depending on your location.

Customizing Header

Get a professionally designed team logo or jersey.

* There will be no design fee if you want us to design the jersey for your team into our template using your logos and graphics, and some general color guidance. We suggest you simply give our design team with a little direction at the start and trust they will design a great looking jersey for you!

Upgrade to the next level!

If you want to upgrade from our free jersey design, to get a complete and 100% individual custom design, multiple rounds of designing, and input beyond basic error checking - you can pay an additional fee for more design input.

Our designers will create an exclusive design just for your team. No matter if you want a sleek modern design or a classic eyecatcher, our team with 10+ years of experience in jersey and logo design has your back.

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