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The VIO Ascend AF is the ultimate entry level paintball mask with many of the same features and comfort found in goggles twice the price. Get the same benefit as the pro level VIO goggles such as pro level comfort, wide vision field of view, maximum breathability and ventilation, echo free acoustics, and superior communication. Replaceable dual layer eye foam surrounds your face with comfort, and extends the life of your goggle. The Ascend AF utilizes the same advanced quick change lens system as the high-end Virtue VIO line-up, so you can change your lens quickly and securely in seconds.

The Ascend AF is the exact same goggle as it's more expensive VIO Ascend with two important distinctions - the Ascend AF comes with a clear, single pane anti-fog coated lens; and the Ascend AF is constructed entirely from non-flexible rigid plastics to provide maximum impact resistance demanded by many new players. For the ultimate in antifog performance, add a dual pane thermal lens with your Ascend AF purchase.


  • Single Pane Anti-Fog Coated Lens
  • Upgrade to a Thermal Dual Pane Lens at the time of Purchase for $25
  • Rigid, non-Flexible Face Protection
  • Pro Level Comfort
  • Pro Level Vision
  • Pro Level Hearing
  • Pro Level Communication
  • Quick Change lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Removable Eye Foam
  • Upgradeable Goggle Strap

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